Ginger Lily

September Plant of the Month: Ginger Lily

Native to India and tropical Asia, these Southern, perennial beauties show off prominent, aromatic blooms framed by rich green foliage. The flowers resemble butterflies­, giving the Ginger Lily its other common name, “butterfly ginger.” There are many varieties with blossoms in hues of white, orange, yellow, salmon, and red. You can plant them to act […]

Pre-Fall: Preparing Your Garden For Fall

In Virginia Beach, we are accustomed to the dense humidity of the summer months. We know how to take care of ourselves. When September begins, we are more than ready to embrace the first breeze of autumn. Most of the plants in our gardens feel the same way. While some plants thrive in the summer […]


Growing Plumbago

Meet the Blue Plumbago. It’s also known as “sky flower” because of its alluring blue flowers resting on slender stems that twist together to form vines with soft green leaves. The plumbago is a lush hub for native butterflies that are drawn to the scent of the blooms. It will bloom year round in warmer climates, […]

Moss Rose

Moss Rose

Planting moss rose is gorgeous way to fill in any gaps in your outdoor space that were left by spring blooms. Moss rose will grow over the bulbs without suffocating them or causing them to rot. Moss rose compliment flowers that also flourish in hot, dry, sunny locations. Dusy miller and zinnias look beautiful in […]

Growing Zinnias


Meet the Zinnia. These eye-catching summer flowers symbolize lasting friendship, goodness and remembrance. Zinnias bloom in shades of orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow with leaves of an olive green. The variety of shapes, such as stars, daisies, dahlias, buttons, and domes, of its bloom also make this flower unique. Their beautiful, solitary flowerhead makes […]

Caring For Your Tropical Hibiscus

Growing hibiscus is an easy way to add a tropical flair to your garden or indoor space. These plants are native to East Asia and bloom in colors of white, red, pink, orange, yellow, peach, and purple.   Basic Information Ideal Soil pH: 6.8 Mature Size: 15 feet if outdoors Plant Type: Evergreen perennial flower Common […]

Protecting Your Garden

We are all taking measures to take care of ourselves during these very hot couple of weeks, but you cannot forget to protect your plants! The extreme heat and humidity we are experiencing here in Virginia brings the threat of plant diseases. So, make sure to inspect your plants for any diseased foliage, remove it, […]

Mediterranean Salad Mini Flatbreads

We are bringing the mediterranean cuisine to you! You can bring this easy dish on a beach trip or snack on it while laying by the pool. Go out to your garden to harvest your ripe vegetables and let’s start cooking!   Ingredients: 6 pieces of pita bread 3 cucumbers diced 1 cup grape tomatoes, […]

Summer Blooms

Midsummer Garden: All About Your Plants

Happy Monday! We are now in the middle of July. Don’t give up on your midsummer garden! Your plants need your loving attention to thrive in the summer heat. Here are some suggestions on how you can take care of them this week:   Deadhead Flowers Both annual and perennial flowers can be deadheaded in […]

Tending To Your Midsummer Garden

Tending To Your Midsummer Garden Midsummer brings blooming flowers, and golden sunshine, but don’t forget about taking care of your garden as you enjoy the blooms and warmth! Water Water Water Spring has ended, taking the rain with it, and the Midsummer heat waves are beginning to stay longer, stressing your plants. This means that […]