Choosing a green plant for your home that doesn’t require you to bring the dirt inside is easier than you think. These types of plants are known as Air Plants, or Tillandsias. They do not use their roots to gather the water and nutrients in soil needed for survival, making them easy to care for. Air plants use their roots to suction and attach themselves to different surfaces. Scales on their leaves help them to get water and nutrients. Once you have chosen and obtained your air plant, follow the tips below to care for it.

-Choose a container, put the plant in and its’ roots will take care of attaching itself to its’ new home. There are various containers you can use such as an open terrarium, a bowl, or a shell. Inside the container you can place the plant on an old piece of wood or even a rock.

-Since the plant is tropical, choose a room free of drafts and that is between 50 and 90 degrees. Your air plant will also need at least 3 hours of bright, indirect sunlight.

-Mist the plant and inside of the container daily with distilled water. Don’t worry about overwatering. Air plants cannot be overwatered as they will only absorb what they need.

-Fertilize your air plant once a month using an air plant fertilizer or an orchid fertilizer.


Enjoy the green beauty it adds to your home!