December Plant of the Month

Christmas is coming, and poinsettias are a beautiful way to add Christmas cheer, especially in these tough times. They are a beautiful red with rich green foliage encompassing the colors we associate with Christmas. It is thought that the shape of the red flower symbolizes the star of Bethlehem which led the wise men many years ago.

To keep poinsettias happy throughout the season, keep them in bright, indirect sunlight. Water them regularly, keeping the soil evenly moist. If the soil is dry to the touch, then it is time for watering! Poinsettias like the warmth of your home but keep them away from direct heat and drafty windows and doors. A well cared for poinsettia should last 4-6 weeks, until the flower starts to fall off. Often you hear of the possible poisonous effect of the poinsettia, but in most cases, exposure to any part of the plant has very little effect if swallowed. Touching it may cause a rash. It is better to be cautious and enjoy them from a distance!

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