Our ordering process is simple and secure. We have designed our site so that anyone can easily navigate and purchase our products within minutes. Please complete the following steps to successfully submit your order. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Your Shopping Cart

  • Find the products you would like to purchase and click “add to cart.” This can be done from the main product category pages or the individual product pages. The main product category pages are the listing of products within a particular category. You can navigate to the individual product pages by clicking on a particular product of choice, which gives you a larger picture and a description of the product.
  • Each time you press “add to cart” you will be taken to a screen that reads “shopping cart.” This screen indicates the products you have in your cart, the price of each individual item and the subtotal of all of the items in the cart (tax included, if applicable). Note: shipping/handling charges will be calculated once you get to the order page.  The subtotal on the “shopping cart” page does not include shipping/handling charges.
  • Each time you are taken to your “shopping cart,” you are given the option of doing “more shopping” or going to the “secure checkout >.” If you have not finished shopping, press “more shopping” and you will be taken back to the previous page.   If you have completed your shopping and you are ready to make a purchase, make sure every item in the shopping cart is correct. If there are items in the cart you do not want, press “X” to delete each unwanted item. Also, make sure the quantity of the product being purchased is correct. Change the number in the “Qty.” field to specify how many of each item you wish to purchase. If all is correct in the “shopping cart,” then press “secure checkout >.”

New Customers

  • If you are a first-time customer at our website, press “New Customer.” You will then be taken to the “Account Information” page where you will be required to fill in all of the specified fields. Please note that we will in no way share your personal information with any outside parties. This information is strictly for our billing and customer records. If you do not fill in the required fields, an error message will indicate which fields are in need of completion. You will not be able to proceed with your purchase until all required fields are completed.

Returning Customers

  • If this is not your first time purchasing from our website, type in your e-mail address and password under “Returning Customers.” Your password is that which you created the first time you purchased from our website. If you cannot remember your password, press “click here” under “Forgot your password?” and your password will be e-mailed to you.

Shipping and Payment

  • Once either bullet 4 or 5 are completed, you will be taken to a page called “Shipping & Payment.” Please choose your preferred method of shipping, your method of payment, and any other additional information you would like to let us know regarding your order. The options available for shipping and payment are the only ones that we accept.  If you have a coupon or gift certificate, enter the specified promo code in the field at the bottom of the page labeled “Coupon/Gift Certificate.”  The discount will be deducted from your total.  However, the discount will only be deducted from the subtotal of the merchandise.  Shipping/handling and tax are not subject to coupon/gift certificate deductions.

Placing Your Order

  • Finally, you will be taken to the “Place Order” page. This will show you a detailed form of your order that includes payment type, shipping address, shipping method, product(s) being purchased, shipping & handling, tax (if applicable), subtotal and total. If there is something you wish to correct or revise on this page, press “< back” and make the correction. If everything is correct, press “> submit order <.” You will then receive an e-mail notification letting you know we received the order and that it is being processed. Once the order and payment have been accepted, you will be sent a second e-mail notification, which will also give you shipping and tracking information. Please note, all orders paid by check will not be shipped until the check has cleared (approximately 10 business days). The invoice will be included in your package. For all third-party purchases, the invoice will still be sent to the purchasing party’s billing address. Once the order is received, the package will take 3-5 business days to arrive, depending on order size and destination.